The Origins of ORIYA ORIYAの由来

The unchangeable beauty and spirit of the Japanese

ORIYA - A Tale of the Past and Present

The name ORIYA comes from "Gunnai-ori", which is a high-end silk fabric that has been actively produced since the early modern era in the Gunnai area of Yamanashi Prefecture (Kitatsuru-gun, Minamitsuru-gun). The predecessor of Toyama Ltd, the company that operates these guest houses, was in the weaving industry. It was once well-known overseas for its production of textiles that embody the beauty and spirit of Japanese culture.The Gunnai textiles of the time continue to be used at Mt. Fuji as tablecloths, and makes up the fabric of our interior decorations.

ORIYA - A Spirit of Hospitality

ORIYA provides a space of complete privacy. Both the Mt.Fuji and NARUSAWA themes feature fully equipped kitchens and Japanese-Style Baths. Feel at home while sightseeing the area, or stay for longer as part of a work-vacation or group outing. ORIYA exists at the heart of the Fuji Five Lakes, a renowned World-Heritage site offering a variety of activities and natural wonders. Take time to perform "self-care" in a safe and beautiful mountain paradise.