The unchangeable beauty and spirit of the Japanese
- ORIYA, Now and Then -

The name ORIYA comes from "Gunnai-ori", which is a high-end silk fabric that has been actively produced since the early modern era in the Gunnai area of Yamanashi Prefecture (Kitatsuru-gun, Minamitsuru-gun). The predecessor of Toyama Ltd, the company that operates these guest houses, was in the weaving industry. It was once well-known overseas for its production of textiles that embody the beauty and spirit of Japanese culture.

As time passed, they became engaged in the sightseeing hospitality business. However, their products from that time, such as cushions and noren store curtains, are still used at ORIYA. The textile fabrics from that time are also used as table cloths, and the spinning wheels used in fabric production were given a new life as decorative items, such as flower vases. We do hope ORIYA's guests will enjoy seeing these little touches here and there in the guest houses for many years to come.

We hope you will enjoy exclusive "time for yourself" at "ORIYA Mt.Fuji" amidst the beautiful nature at the northern foot of Mt.Fuji.

Each guest house is well equipped with home appliances, cooking utensils and other necessities so that you and your friends or family can enjoy time together in a private space. A free parking for up to two vehicles is also available.

We have excellent access to sightseeing spots such as Mt.Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, or Fuji-Q Highland. Within walking distance, there are local restaurants and wine cellars, as well as a variety of popular restaurants where you can enjoy popular local cuisines that can only be tasted here. We hope you will enjoy your leisurely "time for yourself" at "ORIYA Mt.Fuji" while enjoying the beautiful nature at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji.